Interlibrary loan


Interlibrary loan

一、 Aim:
Interlibrary Loan is a service whereby a patron is able to borrow books or receive photocopies of periodicals, books, theses, and other documents from other participating libraries through pre-arranged agreements. With this service, libraries resources can be shared and utilized to the utmost.。

二、 Valid Applicants:
TWU faculty, staff and students

三、 館際合作說明:
The library provides the following four kinds of interlibrary loan:
Nationwide Document Delivery Service(全國文獻傳遞服務)
Nationwide Document Delivery Service (NDDS) is an online system which provide interlibrary loan and photocopy services to all participating libraries in Taiwan. Registered patrons of participating libraries are eligible users.
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Changhua-Yunlin-Chiayi University & College Interlibrary loan (彰雲嘉大學校院聯盟館際合作)

Readers go to the library circulation desk to borrow 「Changhua-Yunlin-Chiayi University & College Interlibrary loan Card」,Take the card to Changhua-Yunlin-Chiayi University & College to borrow books。

Central Taiwan Teaching & Learning Resource Center Interlibrary Loan Service (中區技專校院校「圖書代借代還」館際合作)
This Service is conducted by Central Taiwan Teaching and Learning Resource Center. Readers can query the library collections and book status via this platform. The following services are available through this platform.(http://interloan.yuntech.edu.tw/index.aspx)

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