Service Times

Circulation Section
1. library satisfaction surveys and tracking.
2. collection of books in circulation and cross-unit integration of resources.
3. planning and supervision of collection development.
4. Circulation Management policy development and business-driven.
5. Library drafting of the rules laid down approach and revised.
6. The library automation system hardware and software maintenance and management.
7. Pre-book resource inventory collection.
8. the development program planning, writing, execution and evaluation.
9. The reader is referred to consultation.
10. The collection agency handling business.
11. The work-study students and volunteer management.
12. The library website maintenance.
13. Library document processing and archiving, Jicui job.
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Extension Services & Administration Section
1. campaign strategy and handled.
2. Subject to promote services and platform maintenance.
3. The convening of library-related meetings (Fig Authority executive meeting hall).
4. Administrative policy development and promotion business drivers.
5. Measures to promote the administration of the rules drawn up and revised.
6. Planning Library Week, writing news, intellectual property promotion activities.
7. Assist Arts Centre exhibitions related business activities.
8. Library newborn and international visitors tour.
9. handle and approached interlibrary cooperation related businesses.
10. Teachers handle the specified reference and used book activities.
11. The library, books, journals (electronic journals) the procurement, maintenance and management.
12. multimedia audio-visual materials procurement, filing, maintenance and management.
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